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Gisele Pageotte - Master Seamstress and Tailor

Gisele Pageotte, Gisele's Enterprises and Sewing School, Pearl Street, Somersworth, NH specializes in alterations, custom sewing and teaching.  Her quality of stitch, her expertise, her knowledge &ndsh; all have been enjoyed by her students and her clients. She has been an inspiration and a continual source of expertise and knowledge.  Much has been learned from this lovely, but camera shy, woman.  Her favorite sewing notions are quality French hand sewing needles and a well fitting thimble.  She has taught at Dover Adult Education, American Sewing Guild events and has been a member of the UNH Historic Garment Group since its inception.

Tailoring Technique Demonstration

This demonstration class is an introductory class to an upcoming Couture Tailoring Class.  Pattern and style will be discussed with each student.  Using couture tailoring techniques, Gisele will demonstrate jacket construction.  Topics may include quality fusible interfacing, facings where appropriate, properly adjusted collar pieces, taped roll lines, shoulder pads, sleeve heads, machine or bound buttonholes, pockets, and lining.  Proper pressing will be demonstrated.  Everyone will make a sample bound buttonhole or welt pocket.  This is a precursor to a series of couture/taloring classes to be held offering unique opportunity to create your own tailored jacket.


The fee for this 3–hour class is $45.00 plus a kit fee of $5.00.

Supplies required include Jacket patterns you wish to discuss, sewing machine (or use our studio machines), standard sewing supplies, zipper feet and Questions!


Tailoring Technique Demonstration

Sunday, April 22nd
1:00pm – 4:00pm
$45.00 plus $5.00 kit fee


Providing sewing lessons and sewing classes for all ages and all skill levels to the Seacoast, NH area.  Please see our Classes menu for further details on each type of class offered.

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